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Hyogo | 4.0h
Kobe History & Photo Tour to Capture the Scenery and Cityscape

Take lots of pictures of the unique architecture, which are symbols of Kobe!

We introduce you to a tour of Kobe, one of Japan's most famous port cities, where you can capture some of the most beautiful scenery!

The city of Kobe developed rapidly from a farming village with sprawling fields as the Port of Kobe was opened in the modern era and trade with foreign countries began. 
The city topography limits the amount of land you can live on due to the proximity of the sea and mountains, and the buildings are lined up along the slopes.

Looking out to sea, cruise ships and transport ships come and go, and unique buildings such as the Port Tower and Harbor Land attract the eye in the harbor. Many tourists come to Kobe to enjoy the beautiful scenery. If you look towards the mountains, you will find many Western-style buildings that are deeply influenced by foreign cultures, and walking the streets will make you feel as if you have gone back in time.

In this tour, You will stop at three areas where you can enjoy such representative views of Kobe: Kitano, the Old Settlement, and the area around Kobe Port, and enjoy taking pictures!
The tour will take you to the three areas around Kitano, the Old Settlement, and Kobe Port, where you can enjoy the typical scenery of Kobe. Our guide will also tell you the best places to take photos at each spot.

Why don't you join us for a photo tour that will leave you with memories of your visit to Kobe?


・At the Old Settlement, you can take a commemorative photo with the stately architecture, which has been designated as an important cultural property of Japan, in the background.
・At Meriken Park and Kobe Harborland, you can enjoy a panoramic view of Kobe Harbor.
・You can visit a shrine in Kitano Ijinkan-gai for a hole-in-the-wall photo spot and capture a spectacular view of the city of Kobe with your camera.
・At Otsunaka Street, lined with fashionable cafes and general stores, you can enjoy shopping and taste the unique sweets of Kobe.
・On a half-day tour, you can visit all the major sightseeing spots in downtown Kobe at once.


・Kitano Ijinkan Street
This area is lined with fashionable retro architecture. This area has a history of development as a residential area for internationals and is a great place to take pictures of the exotic scenery that only Kobe can offer. It is also a must-see spot for a great view of the city.
・Kobe Foreign Settlement
This area is a place where you can feel the history of Kobe's development through trade and the influx of foreign culture. The building in this area is often used for wedding photos and fashion magazine shoots because of its massive and gorgeous architecture. This place is amazing for those who want to take pictures with a sophisticated atmosphere.
・Otsunaka Street
This area is lined with old-fashioned buildings along the 800-meter east-west street. The buildings have been renovated and now house apparel stores, general merchandise stores, and cafes. The area is full of stores that offer a taste of Kobe's trends, and the scenery is different from that of Ijinkan-gai and the port.
・Meriken Park
Meriken Park is a park where you can take artistic photos with the BE KOBE monument and other unique objects placed throughout the park.
K・obe Harborland
A facility locates on the west side of Kobe Port. Have lunch at a restaurant where you can enjoy a unique Kobe meal. The view from the facility is also a must-see, with its vermilion Port Tower, whistling cruise ships, and brick warehouses that remind us of the prosperity of the past.


・In case of bad weather on the day of the tour, transportation, places to visit, and tour routes may be changed.
・The tour end location is different from the meeting point. If you wish to change the end location, please consult with your tour guide.
・We will be walking a lot, so please wear comfortable clothes and shoes.
・Please understand that tour spots might be changed to alternative spots in case of temporary closure.
・A lunch/dinner spot is NOT included in the tour.

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Tour price INCLUDES:
Guide fee, Insurance
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Transportation, Entrance fee, Meals, Souvenirs, Other experience fees.
 (Approximate minimum cash requirement: 500 yen / person)

Meeting Point

JR Sannomiya Station (the central ticket gate in front of ticket centre)

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