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Hyogo | 7.5h
Kobe Walking Tour to Enjoy Traditional Townscape and Delicious Sake

Walking around the beautiful castle town and tasting the local culture in 1 day.

We introduce a great tour that will allow you to enjoy the history and traditions of Japan.
The Hanshin area is accessible within 1hour from major cities in the Kansai region such as Kyoto, Osaka, and Hyogo.

The area has developed as a castle town. Thus, you can find many historical sites left in the area, including the restored castle and the townscape from those days.
On the other hand, there are areas where sake production is thriving. It is also famous as one of Japan's representative sake brewing areas because it has historically supported the development of sake.

In this tour, you will visit four different towns in the Hanshin region.
Your tour guide will take you to must-see spots and other spots where you can feel the charm of the region's history, Buddhist culture, and entertainment.

At Amagasaki Castle, you can enjoy taking photos wearing costumes of samurais and princesses from ancient Japan.
You will also visit a museum where you can learn about the traditional production process of sake, a local specialty. You can, of course, enjoy tasting the brands recommended by sake breweries and will be fascinated by the charm of sake.
In addition, Hanshin Koshien Stadium is packed with the charm of baseball, one of Japan's most popular stadiums. You can experience the high popularity of baseball in the region at the goods stores of local professional baseball teams and shrines closely related to baseball.
In the end, you will visit a shopping street where you can taste delicious local food, and enjoy the charm of the region in 1 day.

We recommend this tour for those who want to learn about traditional Japanese culture and local attractions.


・At Amagasaki Castle, you can try cosplaying as a samurai or princess.
・At a museum run by a sake brewery with a history of over 350 years, you can enjoy tasting sake made with pure subsoil water originating from the Rokko mountain range.
・You can learn about the characteristics of Buddhism in Japan by visiting Amagasaki Teramachi, where many temples of different sects are clustered.
・Take a stroll through Amagasaki's famous shopping district and taste the local delicacies that are so popular among the locals.
・Visit the Hanshin Koshien Stadium, the sacred ground of baseball in Japan, and learn about the popularity of baseball in the Kansai region.


Amagasaki Castle
The castle was rebuilt in 2019. Inside the castle, visitors can enjoy a variety of unique experiences, such as cosplaying samurai costumes and challenging games of swordsmanship. You can also learn about the origins of the city of Amagasaki.
Amagasaki Teramachi
Amagasaki Teramachi is an area of temples located in the castle town of Amagasaki Castle. 11 temples are crowded together with a variety of religious denominations. You can learn all about Japanese Buddhist culture at once. It is a must-see for temple lovers.
Amagasaki Ebisu Shrine
This shrine is well known and loved by the locals. The huge red torii gate is a distinctive feature of the shrine. It is a great place to take a commemorative photo as a memory of your trip. The deity enshrined here has long been worshipped as the god of the sea and the god of prosperity.
Amagasaki Central Shopping Street
This shopping street is loved by residents and is called the symbol of Amagasaki. It is a collection of unique stores where you can enjoy a variety of takeout dishes. The place is also famous for its enthusiastic support for popular local sports teams.
Hanshin Koshien Stadium
In Japan, this baseball stadium is known as the holy land of baseball. The ballpark is famous for hosting popular professional baseball games in Kansai as well as the national high school baseball tournament. Unfortunately, the tour does not take you inside the stadium, but around the stadium, you can enjoy unique shrines with baseball in the foreground, as well as merchandise stores where you can feel the Japanese baseball culture.
Kiku-Masamune Sake Brewery Memorial Hall
This sake brewery boasts a history of over 350 years. You can learn about how the sake was made by looking at the actual tools used. Of course, you can also enjoy free sake tastings. Let's enjoy the world of sake to the fullest.
Kobe Motomachi Shopping Street
Motomachi Shopping Street is one of the most famous shopping streets in Kobe, with a history of more than 140 years, and has walked hand in hand with the development of the port of Kobe. The 1.2km-long street is lined with about 300 stores. From stores that have been in business for more than 100 years to those that are popular among young people, our guide will introduce you to stores that suit your tastes, including gourmet food, general merchandise, and coffee shops.


・In case of bad weather on the day of the tour, transportation, places to visit, and tour routes may be changed.
・The tour end location is different from the meeting point. If you wish to change the end location, please consult with your tour guide.
・We will be walking a lot, so please wear comfortable clothes and shoes.
・Please understand that tour spots might be changed to alternative spots in case of temporary closure.
・Some of the spots we will visit on the day do not accept credit cards. Please remember to bring cash.
・If you have any food allergies, please let your guide know in advance.
・This includes spots where alcoholic beverages are served. Children are allowed to enter, but must be at least 20 years old to drink alcohol.

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Guide fee, Insurance
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Transportation, Entrance fee, Meals, Souvenirs, Other experience fees.
 (Approximate minimum cash requirement: 1,700 yen / person)

Meeting Point

Amagasaki Station (Hanshin), West ticket gate

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