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A Fun Visit to Japan's Largest Kitchen Wear Town, Kappabashi

Visit crockery and fake food shops to search for quirky souvenirs!

Kappabashi Dougu Street is a street lined with cooking utensils for restaurants, just 5 minutes away from popular tourist spot, Asakusa.
Filled with specialty shops where only professionals used to gather, today many wonder to find fine kitchen utensils for everyday use. A must to visit is a Japanese knife shop, gaining popularity from all over the world today. You’ll also have time to buy souvenirs such as keychains of fake food samples you find in restaurant windows, mobile phones and everyday kitchen goods.
Whether it’s that master-chef in you or simply just wanting to spice-up your life, this unusual itinerary will surely interest you!


・Have a look around shops that sell some of the best crockery and knives in Japan.
・Look out for unique souvenirs to take home for your freinds and family!
・Make full use of your otomo tour guide and ask the shop keepers questions about the history of their shops and products.
・Even if you have been to Asakusa before, this tour will introduce you to Asakusa's other charms!


・Niimi Yoshokkiten: A statuous jumbo cook will welcome you at the entrance of a shopping arcade that sell equipment related to food.
Here you will find numbers of variety of dishes commonly used in Japanese households.
・SHIMURA SEISAKUSYO: A store that sells signboards which are a little retro and Americanized.
This shop unique to Kappabashi used to be a glass case specialty shop where you can find hidden gems.
・SOUTEI YABUKITA: A Japanese pottery specialty store selling Japanese potteries and Japanese style-interior items.
It is great to have some Japanese-ish decor in your home's interior♪ The products are also great for souvenirs!
・Kamata Hakensha: A handmade Japanese knife shop that is attracting attention world-wide!
The friendly staff will help you find the perfect knife!
These knives should make your meal preparation and cooking more fun than ever!
・Kappa Kawataro Statue: A bronze statue of a Japanese monstrous water creature "Kappa". There are many Kappa dolls around the city.
Let's try and find them during our tour."
・Kawahara Shop: A rare "dagashi" snack shop found within the town.
Children used to buy snacks at these "dagashi" snack shops in the olden days, but the number of these stores has decreased.
These cheap snacks remind people of their childhood and they tend to buy the snacks in large portions. Why not find your favorite snacks?
・Ganso Shokuhin Sample-ya: A food sample specialty shop that is attracting attention from the public!
The samples resemble food and you can purchase them as keychains or smartphone cases. You will be surprised by the techniques of the craftsmen!


You may want to bring with you a bigger bag than usual, in case you end up buying more than you had planned!

Expenses Not Included

The following expenses are not included in the tour fee. Please bring extra money to experience this tour to its fullest.
-Money for food, souvenirs and extra activities not mentioned in the explanation of the tour above.

Meeting Point

At the top of the stairs outside Exit 1 of the Ginza line, Tawaramachi Station

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