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Hokkaido | 7.0h
Learning Hokkaido Sake Culture, Otaru - Yoichi Sake Brewing Tour

Whiskey, Sake, Beer, and Wine! Enjoy a luxurious day touring the sake brewing culture

A wide variety of alcoholic beverages are produced in Otaru and Yoichi. Taking advantage of the rich water nurtured by the blessed nature and the cool climate are unique to Hokkaido.

This tour will take you to Otaru and Yoichi, where you will experience four different types of alcoholic beverages: whiskey, sake, wine, and beer, as well as their different brewing cultures.

First, let's visit the Nikka Whisky, one of Japan's leading companies, and enjoy learning about the process of whisky production.
From whiskey tastings to delicious lunches and photogenic spots, there is so much to do here.

Next, visit Otaru's only sake brewery, Tanaka Shuzo, to taste sake made from 100% Hokkaido rice.

The third place to visit is an Italian wine store.
Kitaichi Glass, which flourished in Otaru's traditional glass-making industry, imports the best wines directly from Italy.
You will be able to enjoy the best wines with beautiful Italian glasses.

At the end of the tour, you will enjoy a real beer at the Otaru Beer Brewery located in a warehouse along the Otaru Canal.
The local beer is made with only water, malt, and hops, based on the German beer brewing method, and is a luxurious drink that can only be enjoyed in the Otaru area.

This is a must-see plan for those who love to drink.
Let's go on a great trip to enjoy plenty of Hokkaido's beautiful brews!


・You can experience four different types of brewing culture: whiskey, sake, wine, and beer in 1 day.
・Visit one of Japan's leading whiskey brands "NIKKA" and learn about the process and history of whiskey while having fun.
・Visit the sake brewery in Otaru and learn about the process of making sake. Enjoy sake that can only be tasted in Otaru.
・You can enjoy the traditional glass art of Otaru and taste the best Italian wine.
・You can enjoy Otaru's unique local beer which is brewed according to the German method with a beautiful view of the Otaru Canal.


Kakizaki Supermarket
Here, you can buy fresh fish and vegetables caught in the morning.
This long-established food supermarket, which has been in business for 70 years, is so popular that shoppers come from far away to visit because of its good quality and low prices.
Enjoy the delicacies from the mountains and sea that only Hokkaido can offer!
Yoichi Distillery (NIKKA Whiskey)
The vast site near Yoichi Station is the factory of Nikka Whisky, founded by Masataka Taketsuru, who is called the father of Japanese whisky. Inside the facility, you can observe the manufacturing process and enjoy a whiskey tasting. There is also a museum where you can learn about the history of the company and a restaurant where you can enjoy whisky-related dishes. It is a whisky theme park that can be enjoyed by both adults and children.
Tanaka sake Brewing Kikkogura Brewery
This is a long-established sake brewery in Otaru and is one of the few sake breweries in Japan that brews local sake all year round. You can enjoy learning about the sake brewing process while touring the attached brewery. After the tour of the brewery, you can taste all the sake in the store. After the brewery tour, you can taste all the sake in the store, all of which is locally produced.
This is a wine specialty store run by Kitaichi Glass, one of Otaru's leading companies. The store always has more than 100 kinds of superb wines directly imported from all over Italy. Some of the wines are rare varieties that are rarely found in Japan, making it an unbeatable place for wine lovers. Let's find your favorite gem with a beautiful Italian wine glass.
Otaru Warehouse No.1
This popular beer pub is made Otaru beer by using German beer methods. There is a beer brewery inside the restaurant where you can enjoy the rare experience of tasting the wort before it ferments. Lively music, cheerful laughter, and the rich aroma of beer and sausages will make you feel the urge to wait. So, grab a big glass and toast! Let's have fun and the No.1 night in Otaru.


・In case of bad weather on the day of the tour, transportation, places to visit, and tour routes may be changed.
・The tour end location is different from the meeting point. If you wish to change the end location, please consult with your tour guide.
・If you are late for the meeting time, we may not be able to provide you with a full tour experience due to the transportation used. Please be sure not to be late.
・We will be walking a lot, so please wear comfortable clothes and shoes.
・Please understand that tour spots might be changed to alternative spots in case of temporary closure.
・Some of the spots we will visit on the day do not accept credit cards. Please remember to bring cash.
・If you have any food allergies, please let your guide know in advance.
・This includes spots where alcoholic beverages are served. Children are allowed to enter, but must be at least 20 years old to drink alcohol.

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Guide fee, Insurance
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Transportation, Entrance fee, Meals, Souvenirs, Other experience fees.
 (Approximate minimum cash requirement: 500 yen / person)

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JR Yoichi Station

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