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Osaka | 5.0h
Walking Through the History and Traditions of Kishiwada, Osaka

From local festivals to castles and gardens, Kishiwada is packed with attractions

Kishiwada in Osaka is a city with a rich history, accessible from Kansai International Airport in 20 minutes.
It was developed as a castle town in the 17th century and developed into the region's central city. Along with Osaka Castle, it is one of the few castles in Osaka with a castle tower.
Walking around the city, you can still see the old streets and traditional architecture, which shows the métierge of the past. Kishiwada is also famous for the Danjiri Festival, where floats are pulled through the streets, attracting around 500,000 visitors every year when the festival is held.

This tour introduces the highlights of Kishiwada, a town with such history and traditions, all at once.

You can learn about the history of Kishiwada city and enjoy a spectacular view of the entire city from Kishiwada Castle. You can also visit the Gofuso Garden, located in what was once part of the castle, and enjoy the beautiful, traditional Japanese garden landscape.
And at the Kishiwada Danjiri Kaikan, visitors can enjoy a powerful video of the Danjiri Festival and climb on a float to experience its size.
In addition, you will visit a shopping street with a high arcade for the festival and a shrine that is worshipped by the locals.

Enjoy the local castle town culture, which you cannot experience in Osaka City.


・You can experience the history and culture of the Danjiri Festival and ride on a Danjiri at the Kishiwada Danjiri Kaikan.
・You can visit Kishiwada Castle to learn about the history and get a panoramic view of the gardens, which have been designated a national place of ・scenic beauty.
・In the Gofuso Garden, you can enjoy a beautiful traditional Japanese garden landscape.
・At Kishiki Shrine, you can learn about the region's unique Shinto beliefs.
・At Gankanjo, you can see and even buy goods used in danjiri.


Kishiwada Ekimae Dori Shopping Street
This is a shopping street where locals come to shop, eat and drink. It is a notable arcade, characterized by high and wide overhead arches for danjiris to run through, and is also known as the tallest arcade in Japan. Look out for signs and other signs related to danjiri throughout the street.
This shop specializes in goods related to the Danjiri Festival. The shop has a large selection of many items used by festival participants. The intersection in front of the shop is also a showcase for the festival, called Yarimawashi.
Kishiwada Danjiri Kaikan
This museum allows you to experience Kishiwada's iconic Danjiri Festival. You can learn about the Kishiwada Danjiri Festival, with a large multi-vision screen showing footage of the festival and a corner where you can experience riding on top of a danjiri. Be sure to experience the atmosphere of the hottest festival in Japan.
Kishiwada Castle
This historic castle is listed as one of the 100 most famous castles in Japan. The castle tower offers a panoramic view of the city. The garden, created by one of Japan's leading landscape architects, has been designated a national place of scenic beauty.
Kishiki Shrine
The shrine has long been worshipped by the local people. Worshippers who visit the shrine receive blessings for a good harvest and to ward off pestilence, and it is also particularly famous for its blessings for the fulfillment of love. The shrine is associated with the origins of the Danjiri Festival, and one of the most famous scenes in the festival is the scene from the nearby hill to the shrine.
Built-in 1929, this luxurious mansion with its modern Japanese architecture is an eye-catching sight. It offers a special experience to taste the cuisine while enjoying the view of the beautiful Japanese garden. Also, take note of the historical background of Kishiwada at the time when the mansion was built.


・In case of bad weather on the day of the tour, transportation, places to visit, and tour routes may be changed.
・We will be walking a lot, so please wear comfortable clothes and shoes.
・Please understand that tour spots might be changed to alternative spots in case of temporary closure.

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