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Osaka | 6.0h
Tour Industries and Admire Craftsmenship in Senshu

Knives, bicycles and glass crafts—experience Osaka's prized traditions and revolutionary techniques!

Senshu is near Kyoto, Japan's ancient capital, and Osaka, a merchant town, and many businesses developed there due to its trade and culture.
Blacksmithing flourished in Sakai, with iron-making and gun-making technology taking root there first, and the area became famous for swords, knives and bicycle parts.
Glass beads were also made in Senshu since ancient times, and it still continues today in Izumi City.
On this tour, experience the local craftsmanship that has evolved even as it gets passed down the ages.

At Jikko Cutlery and the Sakai Traditional Crafts Museum, learn about Sakai kitchen knives, painstakingly made and loved by chefs worldwide. Next, head to the Shimano Bicycle Museum, where blacksmithing techniques live on in their bicycle parts loved by many.
In the Izumi area, visit glassworks and feel the beauty radiating from the craftsmen's meticulous attention to detail in their goods.

Come and experience Sakai's ancient craftsmanship that continues to develop even today!


Experience for yourself the delicate, yet skilled craftsmenship of the artisans of Sakai!
Get up and close not only with displays of the local handicrafts, but also with the artisans behind them, and learn more about the high level of expertise and technique that goes into making these goods.
Purchase souvenirs that can only be found here like knives, glass crafts, as well as man-made pearls.
Visit a bicycle museum, the only one of its kind in Japan!
Enjoy the view of the streets that has not changed since the past.


JIKKO Cutlery Sakai
This long-established cutlery shop has been making kitchen knives in Sakai for more than 100 years since its establishment. The knives, made entirely by hand, are loved by chefs both domestically and abroad. The shop has an open factory and showroom, so have a look around and find a knife to take home with you here!
Sakai Traditional Crafts Museum
Sakai is one of the cities with the longest history in Japan. Various craft techniques such as cutlery, dyeing and incense stick making have developed in Sakai over the years as the city itself developed. At this facility, you can not only view these crafts, but also purchase the products you are interested in.
Shimano Bicycle Museum
This is the only museum in Japan where you can learn about bicycles. The museum displays a wide range of bicycles, from the world's oldest to the most unique. Visitors can learn not only about the history and culture of bicycles, but also about them from scientific and environmental points of view as well. Enjoy learning about bicycles while looking at the realistic exhibits.
Wasaiya Shimakawa
This izakaya is produced by a long-established restaurant that has been operating in Sakai-Higashi for many years. The restaurant offers a wide range of dishes made with traditional techniques and seasonal ingredients of exceptional flavour, and one can enjoy a range of dishes carefully crafted by the restaurant every day The restaurant is open during lunchtime, so stop by here for lunch and have a taste of their curated cuisine!
Rihanna (Japan Imitation Pearl & Glass Article's Association)
Within the Senshu region, Izumi City is known as a renowned producer of artificial pearls, with 70% of Japan's domestic producers gathered in the area. Artificial pearls, which were developed based on technology cultivated in glasswork, are of such high quality that they can be mistaken for real pearls, and their resistance to oil and fat lends them many usages. Why not pick up a few as a souvenir?
Isaka Glassworks
Since they were founded in 1921, Isaka Glassworks has been making their wares entirely by hand. Their products, created by artisans with their keen sense of touch refined through many years of craftsmenship, all differ slightly in size and expression, and no two pieces are the same. Have a look at their glassware, which exude a warmth and feel possible only in handmade goods!
Satake Glass
This is the only place in Japan that manufactures coloured glass rods for crafts. Visit the factory, which has a long history of making products loved by glass craftspeople all over the world, and view a variety of glass products in the shop next door.


In the event of inclement weather on the day of the tour, the mode of transportation, the spots visited, and the route of the tour itself are subject to change without notice.
The end point of the tour differs from the start point. If you wish to change the end point to another spot, please let your tour guide know on the day itself when you meet up with them.
As this tour involves a lot of walking, please come in comfortable shoes and clothes that are easy to walk in.

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