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Osaka | 6.0h
Experience an Ancient Local Religion in Senshu

Explore majestic nature, venerable temples, and hot springs all near Kansai International Airport!

Mountain worship has been carried out in Japan since ancient times, and it has evolved into the uniquely Japanese religion of Shugendo through interaction with Buddhism.
On this tour, visit the nature-rich sacred sites of Shugendo, as well as places where you can feel the traditional rural landscape and customs of Japan.

From Izumisano Station, only 10 minutes from Kansai International Airport, head to the mountainous Ogi region, where the rural landscape from over 600 years ago can still be seen. At a historic shrine, learn about the festivals that have been passed down in the region.
From there, venture further into the mountains and visit Shipporyuji, a sacred site of Shugendo, where you will learn about the temple and religion while enjoying magnificent waterfalls and lush forests. After all that, take a hot spring bath to relieve your fatigue.

Experience the magnificent nature and ancient Japanese religion in this undiscovered region that is a stone's throw from the airport!


Get up and close with the magnificent nature of the mountains of the Senshu region.
Take a walk in the lush forests with streams flowing through them.
Learn more about an esoteric religion that has been in Japan since ancient times, and experience it for yourself.
Warm both your body and soul at a hot spring with a long history.
Enjoy your time in Japan right up till the last minute with this tour that takes place near the airport!


The Rural Landscape of Hinenosho-Ogi
The Hinenosho-Ogi area is known as a spot where the landscape of medieval Japan still remains. Small plots of terraced rice paddies are spread out in the area, and the remains of the manor lord's stronghold and other structures still remain. Enjoy the surrounding countryside while your thoughts run to medieval farming villages.
Hibashiri Shrine
This shrine has a long history and has been worshipped as the village shrine of the Ogi area and other surrounding villages. It has a close-knit relationship with Shipporyuji, and was a keystone of the faith and culture of the area. Visit the shrine and feel its long history while spending time in its quiet precincts.
Cafe Terrace Sora
This café terrace, surrounded by greenery, can be found on the approach to Shipporyuji. The restaurant overhangs the river, and you can have a meal while listening to the babbling stream. Enjoy lunch at the restaurant, which is renowned for its fresh, tasty and reasonably priced dishes made with locally sourced ingredients.
Shugendo is a unique Japanese religion that mixes ancient Japanese mountain worship with Buddhism and Shinto. Shugendo practitioners train their body and mind by running in the mountains, meditating under waterfalls, and other practices within nature. Shipporyuji has been a sacred site of Shugendo since ancient times, and many people still visit the temple to take part in asetic training. Experience this ancient Japanese faith amidst the natural surroundings of the temple.
Gyoja no Taki
There are seven waterfalls in the grounds of Shipporyuji at Mt. Inunaki. These waterfalls are named after the seven treasures, including gold and silver, and the temple's name came from these waterfalls. The ascetic practice of meditation under the waterfalls is still carried out here today, and the waterfalls are believed to be home to the powers of the gods. Feel the mystical atmosphere as you bathe in the spray of the waterfalls.
Inunaki Onsen Centre
Despite its secluded atmosphere, this hot spring is known as "the hot spring closest to the world" due to its ease of access to Kansai International Airport. The Inunaki Onsen Centre is particularly well known for the quality of its springs. Enjoy a leisurely soak in the waters and let your body and soul be healed. You can also enjoy a delicious lunch in the restaurant within the compound.


In the event of inclement weather on the day of the tour, the mode of transportation, the spots visited, and the route of the tour itself are subject to change without notice.
As this tour involves a lot of walking, please come in comfortable shoes and clothes that are easy to walk in.

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Expenses Not Included

・Included in the fee: Payment for the guide, tour insurance
・NOT included in the fee: Transport costs, admission fees, costs for food and drinks/souvenirs/experiences
(Minimum required amount of cash: 2000 yen/pax (excluding food and drinks))

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Nankai Electric Railway Izumisano Station

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