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Osaka | 5.0h
Explore the Seaside of Senshu on this Cycling Tour

Right next to Kansai International Airport, enjoy the sea and scenery that are open to the world!

The Rinku area, on the other side of Kansai International Airport, has many tourist attractions, like beaches with beautiful scenery and malls where you can enjoy shopping.
In the past, the area prospered via towel production, trade and fishing, with this prosperity due to the openness of Senshu's seas to the world.
On this tour, ride around the sea of Senshu and visit spots to feel the attractiveness of a region that has flourished alongside the sea.

After renting a bicycle at Rinku Town, enjoy the seaside scenery at Rinku Park and Sennan Marble Beach. Next, view the Tajiri Sky Bridge, and visit the Senshu Towel Museum Main Store and the Izumi-Sano Furusato Machiya Museum to get a feel of how the Izumi-Sano area is connected to the world via the sea. At the end of the tour, enjoy a meal made from freshly caught fish at the fish market.

Bike around the Rinku area, a stone's throw from the airport, and experience the seascape and culture that is and has always been open to the world.


Enjoy the wonderful views of the seaside of the Rinku area!
Take in the refreshing sea breeze while cycling around the area! 
Shop at a lively market and try your hand at experiences that can only be had here!
Understand the history and culture of the Senshu region better from your guide.
Learn more about towels and get up and close with related products in the town said to be the birthplace of towels in Japan.


PiPPA Kansai Airport Washington Hotel Port
PiPPA is a shared cycle service that anyone can use. Their bicycles are available throughout Japan and are easy to use. Set off on a bike ride to enjoy the sea and the city of Senshu!
Rinku Park Symbol Garden
This park is located on the opposite shore of Kansai International Airport. The vast park is lush with greenery and allows you to feel the sea and the sun with your whole body. There is also LOVE RINKu, which has been chosen as a sacred place for lovers. Take photos with the many distinctive monuments found within the park!
Sennan Marble Beach
The beach is man-made and paved with marble, and the contrast between it and the blue sky is beautiful . From the beach you can watch planes take off from Kansai International Airport, and it is also known as a beautiful spot to watch the sunset.
Tajiri Sky Bridge
Located in the Rinku Town area, this bridge is one of the largest cable-stayed bridges in Japan. The area around the bridge is known for its view of aircraft take-offs and landings at Kansai Airport. It is also notable for its history of contributing to regional development through trade with overseas countries.
Senshu Towel Museum Main Store
The Senshu area of Osaka is known as the birthplace of towels in Japan. The towels are bleached and washed in water after weaving, which makes them softer and cleaner than towels from other regions. Take a look at the various towel products in the shop and feel the difference in texture.
Izumi-Sano Furusato Machiya Museum
The town of Izumi-Sano has long been a busy highway town, and in the Edo period (1603-1867) its unique merchant culture blossomed due to its fishing, shipping and cotton-weaving industries. The town house this museum is housed in was built in the mid-Edo period, and gives a sense of the prosperity of the town of Izumi-Sano and the way of life in the past.
Izumi-Sano Fishery Cooperative Aozora Market
This fish market is located in a fishing port with one of the highest landings in the Osaka area, and fresh seafood landed that day is on display. In addition, there are sushi places and restaurants where you can enjoy the taste of freshly caught seafood.


In the event of inclement weather on the day of the tour, the mode of transportation, the spots visited, and the route of the tour itself are subject to change without notice.
The end point of the tour differs from the start point. If you wish to change the end point to another spot, please let your tour guide know on the day itself when you meet up with them.
As you will be cycling for long periods of time on this tour, please come in comfortable shoes and clothes that are easy to move about in.

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・Included in the fee: Payment for the guide, tour insurance
・NOT included in the fee: Transport costs, admission fees, costs for food and drinks/souvenirs/experiences
(Minimum required amount of cash: 800 yen/pax (excluding food and drinks))

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Rinku Town Station

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