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Tokyo | 4.0h
Thousands of Manekineko! Gotokuji Walking Tour!

Temple, History and Manekineko! Earning luck at a popular spot on SNS

Setagaya is a quiet residential area 3min by a tram from central Tokyo. 
You may know that the Setagaya area is now getting a popular tourist destination on SNS as a photogenic spot.

Gotokuji has many dedicated Manekineko figurines which are rare in Japan. We will take you around the Gotokuji temple and other cultural venues related to its history. 
Manekineko is a traditional figurine that is said to bring happiness so they may bring you luck. If you are lucky enough, you will see the real cats at the temple! Of course, not only the temple but also you can enjoy other historical places and local cuisines. Enjoy the atmosphere and walk through the shopping district loved by the locals.


・You can get on a tram which is quite rare in Tokyo.
・Enjoy taking photos of the stunning scenery.
・You can look at thatched roof, main house, and front gate which are the Nationally-designated important cultural properties.
・We will walk through the shopping district that has a wide range of tiny shops, many of which are long-established and peculiar.
・You can pray for education at a shrine dedicated to the god of education.


・Shoin Shrine: A shrine dedicated to Shoin Yoshida who was an educator and philosopher in the 19th century. There are stone lanterns and a stage for playing music to the gods. Feel the holy atmosphere.
・Shoin Shrine Street shopping district: A shopping district with long-established shops and some with interesting items - full of shops you want to drop-in and visit.
・Setagaya Daikanyashiki: A Japanese traditional mansion of a clan who ruled the area in the Edo era (1700~1900 AD).
You will feel as if you've gone back in time and are visiting a Japanese person's home because the place has been kept as an upper-class residence!
・Setagaya Local History Museum: Let's learn Setagaya's history at the museum located next to Setagaya Daikanyashiki. You can learn about literature and paintings from the Edo era, as well as the history of the 500 year old market.
・Gotokuji temple: Do you know about manekineko (beckoning cat) which is a cat figurine thought to bring good luck and success in business? Gotokuji is the Zen sect temple with a history of 600 years and is said to be the originator of manekineko. In the temple, you will find many manekineko which are dedicated by people whose dreams came true. You may be able to get some luck!


・Please wear comfortable clothing as this tour involves a lot of walking.
・The tour begins and ends in different locations. If you would like to change the location of where the tour ends, please consult with your tour guide.
・We have not included any particular lunch/dinner places in this tour, but you are welcome to stop for a break and eat whenever and wherever you like.

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Expenses Not Included

The travel expense is not included in the tour fee. Please bring extra money to experience this tour to its fullest.
(Entrance fees, transportation fees, activity fees, etc. )

Meeting Point

Denentochi Line Sangen-Jaya, in front of the central exit

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