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Tokyo | 3.0h
Stroll Around Cultural and Foodie Town Kagurazaka

Experience the hidden charms of Tokyo with the stone-paved streets

Kagurazaka is an area in the center of Tokyo known for its food. 
In the past, it was a glamorous town with many Japanese restaurants and lots of Geisha and Geiko.
There are several small alleys off the main street, and there are several hidden shops along the small streets. Even today, you can still see the old fashioned streets, which makes you feel like you are not in Tokyo. 
Today's Kagurazaka is a new town where you can enjoy new scenery and culture while feeling the history and tradition. There is a mix of shrines, temples, restaurants, and Japanese daily goods shops.
Relax and enjoy the charm of Kagurazaka!


・You can taste the delicate Japanese sweets at a historic and famous restaurant.
・You can visit the most fashionable shrine in Tokyo with all glass walls.
・You can stroll around the back streets as if you are Geisha.
・You can take a break at a waterfront café where you can feel nature and enjoy the stylish atmosphere.


・Kagurazaka: As its names, Kagura"zaka" (slope in Japanese term) is an area with many slopes and narrow lanes that still retain the atmosphere of the past. First of all, let's take a look at the history of Kagurazaka, which prospered as a food town. Enjoy the tasteful streets while picturing the old days of Kagurazaka.
・Zenkokuji Temple: This temple was built about 400 years ago and has become rooted in the community where local people come to visit. This temple enshrined for the gods from Indian mythology. You can enjoy the depth of Japanese Buddhism here.
・Akagi Shrine: The shrine with 700 years of history is known as the most fashionable shrine in Japan. It has been redesigned with a sleek glass wall and has become a popular spot for young people to visit.
There are a café and an apartment building on the site, and you can experience a new and modern form of the shrine.
・Hyogo Yokocho: This is a backstreet with a stone-paved alleyway where Geisha come and go. This street has been used for filming movies and TV. It is a place where you can feel the unique atmosphere of Kagurazaka. A black-walled restaurant and a steep staircase in a hidden location make this a unique spot on Kagurazaka.
・Kagurazaka Kinozen: This is a long-established sweet shop in Kagurazaka that is said to be well known by locals. The most popular item is their rich green tea bavarois. Enjoy the Japanese flavor that has long been loved by the Japanese.
・Noren Kagurazaka: This souvenir shop sells a wide variety of fashionable and practical products. The store offers a unique blend of traditional Japanese craftsmanship and modern design. Take a trip to Kagurazaka and pick up a souvenir to remember your visit.
・CANAL CAFE: This is a waterfront cafe with an open deck along the outer moat of the former Edo Castle. You can enjoy Italian-based food and sweets in comfortable and breezy seats.


・This tour is difficult for a wheelchair user.

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The travel expense is not included in the tour fee. Please bring extra money to experience this tour to its fullest.
(Entrance fees, transportation fees, activity fees, etc. - at least about JPY1,000 /person)

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JR Iidabashi Station, in front of West Exit

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