Tokyo | 4.5h
Experience the 19th & 20th century Japanese Economic Growth

Visit buildings and see articles built and created over 100 years ago.

On this tour you will visit buildings that were built in the Edo and Meiji periods (1603-1912).
Japan's economy grew rapidly during the stable years of the Edo period. Located just beneath the Edo Shogunate castle, Nihonbashi became the gathering point for people, goods and money, leading to the establishment of shops that dealt in high class craft and confectionery. You can still purchase high quality goods here today, including hand fans, crockery, candy and other souvenirs.
Westernisation began in the Meiji period, and stone buildings, such as banks and department stores were built. These buildings stand proud today, indicating the great economic growth that Japan once experienced.


・Visit the great stone building of Mitsui Honkan which resembles a Roman temple.
・The first department store in Japan, Mitsukoshi Nihonbashi, is another building that will give you a taste of Japanese history.
・Purchase elegant souvenirs, such as kabuki-themed hand fans, varnished crockery and Japanese confectionery from long established department stores.
・Try the reasonably priced Japanese soup stock at COREDO Muromachi.


・Kidai Shoran at Mitsukoshimae Station
・Mitsui Honkan
・Head Office of the Bank of Japan
・Mitsukoshi Nihonbashi Main Store
・Edo Kiriko Shop Hanasho
・COREDO Muromachi 1
・Eitaro Sohonpo


・Please come in comfortable clothing, as this tour involves a lot of walking.
・We have not included any particular lunch/dinner places in this tour, but you are welcome to stop for a break and eat whenever and wherever you like.
・""Edoya"" and ""Kuroeya"" are closed on Saturdays. If any of the scheduled places are closed on the day you visit, your tour guide will take you to an alternative location."

Expenses Not Included


Meeting Point

In front of the South Exit Ticket Gate at the JR line, Kanda Station

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