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Tokyo | 3.0h
Nihonbashi Walking Tour: Founding City of Japanese Economy

Discover a new Tokyo, a city where tradition and innovation intertwine

Nihonbashi, Tokyo opened in the 17th century as. It flourished as a town where people, goods and money gathered from across Japan. Since then it has introduced Western Culture and craftsmanship, aiming for modernisation. Today, there still remains some gorgeous architecture. Redevelopment is taking place and it is a city for new experiences.
In this tour, you can see the traditional architecture, daily life changes and the continuing economic development. You will be overwhelmed by the majestic buildings such as Japan's oldest department store and the prestigiously built central bank!
Let's see Japanese cultural buildings intertwined with Western culture!


・See the 4 retro buildings registered as important national cultural building. It is recommended for people who want to see different types of buildings productively.
・Coredo Muromachi is lined with shops offering practical and modern Japanese traditional food. Get a glimpse of Japanese trends.
・Visit a museum to learn about the history of Japanese money.
・Visit spots from the Samurai period over 400 years ago until modern times, and spots related until today. You will surely become familiar with the changes in Tokyo. 


・Nihonbashi: The first stop to visit is Nihonbashi, where the city name originated. Today, roads are spread across Japan but Nihonbashi is where it all started. Whilst looking at the origins of the road, reminisce on the travellers at that time.
・Nihonbashi Mitsukoshi Honten: Japan's oldest department store. The Western-style architecture is recognised as a symbol of the history of Japanese department stores. Don't miss the Lion statue, often used as a meeting spot, and luxurious design located in the first floor hall.
・Coredo Muromachi: Let' look at the latest status of Nihonbashi. It is a commercial center that conveys the essence of Edo/Nihonbashi. There are raditional crafts to stores that incorporate new formats of popular stores. There are stores ranging from traditional crafts to popular items. We especially recommend the shops where you can quickly buy items. 
・Nihon Ginkou Honten Honkan (Bank of Japan Head Office building): The Bank of Japan is the central bank responsible for issuing currency and adjusting prices to stabilize prices. It's difficult to go inside, but from the dignified appearance, you can feel that it is an architecture that emphasizes materials and national prestige.
・Kahei Hakubutsukan (Money Museum): This is a musem where you can learn about the history of Japanese money. Learn about Japan's first currency and banknotes and what you could buy with them.
You can actually have 100 million yen or a thousand boxes open. Feel like you are rich. 
・Tokyo Station Marunouchi: Let's close the tour at Tokyo station. This station was estabilished in 1914 in Tokyo. The red brick station building is beautiful, and the plaza overlooking the Imperial Palace is also a recommended spot. Let's take some photos as a memory for us. 


・Meeting spot is different to tour finishing spot. Please let your guide know if you would like to change your tour finishing spot.
・"Kahei Hakubutsukan" (Money Museum) is closed on Mondays. Please also note, spots maybe changed when there is tempory closure of spots.

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Meeting Point

Nihonbashi Station Exit B9 (above ground)

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