Tokyo | 3.5h
An Exploration of Tokyo Station's Labyrinth

Discover all there is to see at Tokyo Station!

The door to the capital of Japan; Tokyo Station, just celebrated its 100th anniversary. It began as the starting point of the Japanese railway network system and has been right in the center of the history of Tokyo and its politics ever since. With roughly sixty souvenir shops, many of which sell products limited to Tokyo Station, the station has become a tourist attraction in itself. There are, however, many tourists who pass through this station to make railway connections, not knowing all that there is to see and do in this gigantic building. If you have a connection to make at Tokyo Station and have some time to spare, we strongly recommend this tour for you to make the most of it!


・Did you know that there were two historical incidents that happened here in Tokyo station, in which two prime ministers were assassinated?
・Enjoy art works and monuments that can only be found in Tokyo Station.
・Shop in the vast selection of souvenir shops!


Station Building Post Box: The tour to explore the hidden attraction of Tokyo Station starts here at a rare post box. This post box was made imitating the red-brick station building which is an important cultural heritage.
The Chuo Line Kilometer Zero Sign: This spot is really unique. Tokyo Station is the terminal station of many lines and there are signs at each platform of 0km which shows it is the starting point of that line.
Ekibenya Matsuri: The Japanese culture: Ekiben, a lunch box that you eat on the train. There are many Ekibens using iconic foods of each region in Japan. You will be surprised how rich the Japanese food culture is if you look around the store!
Hamaguchi Prime Minister Assassination Spot: Tokyo Station has been playing an important role as the transportation base but there was also a historic event here. About 90 years ago, the prime minister back then was attacked here at Tokyo Station.
Nakama-no-Zo Statue: There is also a piece of arts in Tokyo Station! It is a sculpture of three women curved by a famous sculptor.
Keiyo Line Concourse Stained Glass: There are more works of arts in Tokyo Station. This one is a huge and beautiful stained glass! It was actually removed during the repair work but there was a lot of calls from the station users and finally, this stained glass was put back. You can tell how popular this glass is!
Silver Bell Square: This spot is famous as a meeting spot. The symbolic mark is the silver bell. There is a secret why a bell is adopted as the mark. Ask your guide if you want to know and solve the secret! There are many fashionable shops around it.
GRANSTA: This is an area with many souvenir shops and restaurants in an underground mall. There are souvenirs from all over Japan unique to each area so you don’t have to worry about souvenir if you come here! There are also other unique shops like Ramen street and character street!
Hara Prime Minister Assassination Spot: This is also a spot where the prime minister of the time was attacked and killed. There is still a monument at the place of the event.
The South and North Domes: There is a vast space if you look after getting through the gate. This dome is not the original version but the details of the gorgeous ornaments are elaborately reproduced and are worth visiting!


・If you are only going to be in Tokyo Station to make a railway connection and would like to meet inside the ticket gates, please let your otomo tour guide know in advance.

Expenses Not Included

The following expenses are not included in the tour fee. Please bring extra money to experience this tour to its fullest.
-Money for food, souvenirs and extra activities not mentioned in the explanation of the tour above.

Meeting Point

Next to Information Center inside of Marunouchi Central Ticket Gate, JR Tokyo Station

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