want to be healed by nature

want to learn about the deep culture and traditions

want to enjoy shopping and gourmet food

want to experience entertainment and technology

For the traveler in You wanting to discover Japan!

Released Anniversary!

150 Free-Tours to be Won!

Application period: 22/1/2019~24/2/2019

Free-private tours for 150 groups (max. 900 people)!Application is easy! Apply now through Facebook♫

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Prize Information

otomo Private Tour

For 150 groups by drawing

We invite you to a free Chinese or English guided private tour! Up to 6 participants per group. Please apply by selecting 1 of 4 courses.

otomo 20% discount coupon

For all campaign applicants

20% discount coupon applicable upon otomo tour booking for all campaign applicants
Valid until: 31/12/2019

Course Details

The 150 tours are divided into 4 courses. Please apply by selecting 1 course. You will be presented a tour from the selected course.

Scenic Japan

Enjoy the rich nature and beautiful scenery! Recommended for photo lovers!

A Local Tour of Locations Great for Photographs

Visit a Japanese Garden, Dressed in a Kimono

Forest Bathing and Seaside Cycling in Minamiboso

An Izakaya Experience and Glittering Night Views in Yokohama

Monkey Island; Sarushima, and its Abandoned Fortress

Traditional Japan

Get to know the deep tradition, culture and lifestyle! Recommended for history lovers!

Excellent locations and Good Food for Kamakura First-Timers

A Historic Tour of the Mysterious Lives of Samurai in Sakura!

A Refreshing Cycle through the City of Water, Sawara

Make the Most of Your Precious Time in Japan at Narita

A Peaceful and Mindful Tour to Find Your Center in Tokyo

Dreamy Japan

Eat, shop, walk and enjoy! Recommended for females!

Relaxing Tour by Strolling around Traditional & Modern Tokyo

Traditional Food and Culture in an Old Shopping District

A Tour of All Things Kawaii in Aoyama and Omotesando

Nature, Footbaths and Relaxation Goods

Eat and Learn about the Food and History of Tokyo in Tsukiji

Cool Japan

Experience technology and entertainment! Recommended for the young and people with children!

Enjoy Mysterious, Interactive Worlds for Children and Adults

Relax in Selected Cafes, Surrounded by Cute Little Animals

Robots and Cars; Experience Japanese Technology

Meet us at Narita and Enjoy Flight Simulator!

A tour of the Japanese Soul Food; Ramen

About otomo

A private tour service enriching your travel experience in Japan, with speciality around Tokyo and Yokohama. We have over 200 registered guides, and 150 tour plans.

Private Tour

A private guide to guide you according to your wishes. You do not have to check maps, nor get lost. Travel as you desire, unlike group tours.

Original Tour Plan

Tour plans have a variety of themes. We have original plans to meet your tastes, ranging from major sightseeing spots to less known local sightseeing spots.

Reasonable Price

Tour fee is flat regardless participant number. Obtain a greater private tour satisfaction for a lower price than group tours.

How to apply

Campaign application can be easily done via Facebook.
Take a look at recommended tour plans on the otomo Official Facebook page.


Click "Like" on the otomo Official Facebook page.


Enter your preferred course of application (from below) and send via direct message. Once a message has been sent, a coupon code will arrive to your Facebook message.

Tour Courses of the Campaign

A: Scenic Japan

B: Traditional Japan

C: Dreamy Japan

D: Cool Japan

Campaign application is also possible via Facebook App

Apply via Facebook App

Campaign Details

otomo 1st Anniversary 150 free-tours campaign

【1st Prize】
1 free-tour of 150 tours
Number of Draw Winners:
150 groups, maximum 900 people (Up to 6 people per group)
Select 1 of 4 courses upon application
(please note it is not possible to specify a tour plan)
Mandarin Chinese or English
1/3/2019-30/9/2019 (Specify the tour date when you win)

【2nd Prize】
otomo Discount Coupon
Number of Draw Winners:
All applicants
Discount Price:
20% of tour fee
Valid until:
Apply before 31/12/2019

【Application Period】

【Winner Annoucement】28/2/2019
otomo will directly contact to winners via Facebook

【Application Conditions】
  • Over 18 years of age
  • Residence outside of Japan
  • Agree to otomo terms and conditions upon tour participation
  • Agree to photos taken during tours to be used for otomo Official page
  • Respond to tour reviews/SNS
  • Respond to interviews and surveys after tour

【How to apply】
Click "Like" on the otomo Official Facebook page.
Send a direct message to otomo

  • 1 entry only per person.
  • Free-tour includes tour-fee, guide-fee and otomo service-fee. Please bear transportation, meals, activity costs etc. during the tour.
  • Various expenses (travel, accommodation etc.) for tour participation are not included in the tour.
  • You agree to the terms and condition upon campaign application
  • Campaign participation will be exempt in the following cases:
    • No response to otomo message by the specified date
    • Acts of dishonesty judged by otomo
    • Judgement of tour participation as inappropriate
  • Winner must participate in the tour.
  • It is not possible for a third-party to represent your participation in the tour.
  • This campaign is not offered/sponsored by Facebook.
  • Inquiries about campaign results are not accepted.
  • Campaign content and conditions are subject to change without notice.