Total of ¥300,000 for 100 Cases!
Referral Program

When otomo is introduced to a friend or acquaintance, and the introduced friend (guest) uses the service, they will recieve a 1000 yen discount from a tour. In addition, a bonus is organized for number of people you introduced.

Entry Referral Program

Join this program and get a bonus!

200+ unique and amazing tour plans

We provide various private tour plans around Japan. All plans are completely original made by otomo which rated more than 90% of satisfaction level. Of course, the cancellation rate is quite low.

Numerous Marketing Tools

We have numerous marketing tools, both online and offline, to meet your needs. e.g. tour photos, catalogs, banners.

Highest industry compensation price

The renumeration of travel affiliated programs are 3-5% of the item price. However, this program can earn compensation up to 15%

Service improvement support

We will support content selection and marketing methods to meet your needs. We support Japanese, English and Chinese speaking countries.

About otomo


otomo is a private tour service to enrich travel experience in Japan.
The service covers around Japan, with over 200 tour plans. All plans are completely original made by otomo which rated more than 90% of satisfaction level. Of course, the cancellation rate is quite low.

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About Reward

When otomo is introduced to a friend or acquaintance, and the introduced friend (guest) uses the service, you will recieve a 1000 yen reward. A bonus is organised for number of people introduced.

¥10,000bonus for every 10 tours introduced
¥100,000 bonus for every 100 tours introduced

In case you introduced 100 tours

¥1,000 x 100 tours = ¥100,000
¥10,000 bonus for every 10 tours introduced
¥10,000 x 10 tours = ¥100,000
¥100,000 bonus for every 100 tours introduced
¥100,000 x 1 tours = ¥100,000

Total ¥300,000

How to Pay Your Reward & Bonus

You can choose from either cash through Paypal or Amazon Gift Code.

  • If you wish to use Paypal, you need to have a Paypal account (Free)
  • Please pay the reception fee (will be charged by Paypal)
  • Amazon Gift Code is valid only in Japan

Introduction Process

Any "referrer code" referal method is possible! Blog, SNS or word-of-mouth, please share otomo via your choice of media!

Spread otomo

Please share the otomo reservation site and your referrer code to those traveling in Japan. Intoduction can be made via online/offline media e.g. SNS, blog

Travelers book using your introduction code

Those introduced will book an otomo private tour using the introduction code received. A discount ot 1,000 yen will be made at time of booking, so there are benefits for booking.

Payment of Renumeration

An announcement on number of bookings and payment amount will be made once per month. Payment will be made via Amazon Gift Code or Paypal

Entry Form

If you are interested in the introduction program please fill out the form below. A representative will contact you within two working days after registration.

Payment Method * Required

Please read and confirm Terms of Uses for Referral Program to entry this program. * Required


FAQs on Introduction Program

Terms of Uses for Referral Program

1. Purpose
To promote the introduction and use of the private tour service "otomo" to foreign tourists, this program offers discount coupons (referred to as "discount coupons", "referral code") and gives rewards/bonuses according to the number of introductions made (referred to as "referrer"). Please note this program maybe cancelled and/or content changed by the company without prior notice.

2. Privacy Policy
Personal information acquired through this program will be held according to the company Privacy Policy.

3. Registration
Registration to this program must be done by the referrer him/herself from the website specified by the company. In principle, registration as a referrer, will be limited to once per person. If we determine improper/abuse of registration we may cancel your registration to this program. Your referral code will become invalid and no rewards/bonuses will be paid.

4. Referral Code
(1) Issuance
After registration to this program is complete, otomo will send you an email, and issue a referral code.
(2) Discount Price
1,000 yen discount will be made with the use of a referral code. If payment is made in a currency other than Japanese yen (JPY), the discount will be applied at the exchange rate specified by the company.
(3) Conditions of Application
The discount is applied only when the referral code is entered on the payment screen, and is subject to the reward/bonus. referral code is not applicable after reservation is complete.
(4) Restrictions of Use
The referral code cannot be used in conjunction with other coupons codes, it can only be used once on the same time/tour plan. If you are booking another tour you can use it more than once. If we determine inapproprate use, we may invalidate the coupon.

5. Reward / Bonus
(1) Reward / bonus value
Reward: 1,000 yen or equivalent Amazon Gift Code per tour
Bonus:10,000 yen or equivalent Amazon git card for every 10 tours
100,000 yen or equivalent Amazon git card for every 100 tours
(2) Conditions of Application
Rewards/ bonuses are paid based on the number of tours booked with your referral code. The number of tours conducted with your referral code is counted cumulatively. If there is no tour conducted for more than 12 months, the count accumulated will become invalid.
Reward/ bonus is not paid if a tour is cancelled after tour reservation, or the tour is not conducted for some reason. Please note we are not able to anwer queries on tour conduction.
(3) Acceptance Method
Rewards/bonuses can be received via PayPal or Amazon Git code. Please select the method of acceptance when you register for the referral program. Please not we do not provide information on how to use PayPal or Amazon Gift Code for rewards/bonuses.
Paypal account registration (free) is required. Rewards/bonuses are paid in Japanese yen (JPY) and can be paid in the local curency which PayPal responds.Please pay any transactions fees required from PayPal.
[Amazon Gift code]
A gift code of the same value to reward/bonus will be sent. Gift codes are only usable at Amazon Japan
(4) Acceptance Time
Rewards/bonuses will be paid by the end of the following month after tour conduction. If there is an error in registration details (e-mail address etc.) payment can be suspended up to 12 months, however will become invalid after 12 months. We will not take responsibility for rewards/bonuses that could not be accepted correctly.
(5) Tax Payment
We do not take any responsibilty for liability/expenses of the referrer for income tax payment obligation from this program's rewards/bonuses accepted.

6. Prohibited Acts
Please do not conduct the following acts. If we find inappropriate acts, your registration to this program maybe cancelled, the referral code will be cancelled and no rewards/bonuses will be paid.
  • Acts that violate laws or contrary to public order and morals
  • Acts infringing the rights of the Company and third parties
  • Acts that cause inconvenience to third parties and misunderstanding/create disconfort
  • Acts of repeatedly referring one who has not agreed to the referral of this program
  • Acts of bribery (paying money or incentives) for the condition of referral code usage
  • Acts of sending unrequited emails (e.g Spam)
  • Acts of unauthorized access
  • Other acts that the Company judges to be inappropriate